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Hello,  I'm Lis

I am a passionate and soulful Reiki Master and Transformational Mentor, I help Starseeds and Souls like you to get aligned with your own true Self and share your gifts with the rest of the world, with confidence and love as the powerful and beautiful being that you already are. I use my gift of intuition to offer guidance to you and encourage you to move in a positive direction and face the challenges that may lie ahead of you.


Take my hand and let me show you the way.

Who am I ?

My own journey inspired me to help you quiet the noise of the outside world and go inwards to discover what I call The Language Of You™, the way to be you, have confidence in your gifts and help create change in the world.

Mi propio camino me inspiro a ayudarte a calmar el ruido del mundo exterior e ir hacia adentro para descubrir lo que llamo El Lenguaje de Ti, la forma de ser tu, tener confianza en tus dones y ayudar  a crear un cambio en el mundo.

I will never tell you what to do. I will listen and tune into you on a soul level and help you reveal your true self that has always been there.

Nunca te dire que hacer. Escuchare y sintonizare contigo a nivel del alma y te ayudare a revelar tu verdadero yo, que siempre ha estado ahi.

I believe that true freedom is the power to manifest what truly lies within us, no matter where we find ourselves in life. As an Intuitive Strategist and Transformational Mentor, I help creatives & entrepreneurs like you get clarity and be confident with your gifts to create a life and business that’s authentic and profitable.

Creo que la verdadera libertad es el poder de manifestar lo que realmente esta dentro de nosotros, sin importar donde nos encontramos en la vida. Como estratega intuitivo y mentor transformador, ayudo a creativos y emprendedores, como usted, a obtener claridad y confianza con sus dones para crear una vida y un negocio que sean autenticos y rentables.

YOU can change your life for the better, live in peace and power and evolve into the being and life you want and you are destined for and more.

USTED puede cambiar su vida para mejor, vivir en paz y poder y evolucionar hacia el ser y la vida que esta destinado y mas.

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More about me


I am here and I am looking forward to supporting your ascension and healing with love and compassion

Estoy aqui y espero poder apoyar tu ascension y sanacion con amor y compasion.

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