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Mikao Usui is known as the creator of Reiki and that it applies to the healing modality he developed and discovered. Only, that when researching the facts, we find that there were at least four other styles prior to Usui Sensei developing  his style of Reiki. We found this information through two Japanese Reiki reserchers: Hiroshi Doi Sensei and Toshikata Mochitzuki. You can find more details on this subject in the book, An Evidence Based History of Reiki.

A Japanese therapist named Matiji Kawakami, created a healing style he called Reiki Ryoho in 1914. He published a book titled, Reiki Ryoho to Sono Koka, or Reiki Healing and its Effects.

The other healing styles in use at the time were:

  • Reikan Tonetsu created by Reikaku Ishinuki 

  • Senshinryu Reiki Ryoho created by Kogetsu Matsubara and

  • Seido Reishojutsu created by Reisen Oyama

While these Reiki styles were in use, Usui Sensei had his mystical experience on Kurama Yama where he was given the Reiki energy. From this, he developed his style of Reiki, which is called Usui Reiki Ryoho and it is my lineage and certification.

Reiki energy has been around for thousands of years. Some believe that is has been around since the beginning of time. Reiki energy is something that anyone can make use of, and in fact many have.

Since we don't know much about the styles of Reiki, we don't know the extent Mikau Usui's system was similar or different from the other styles.

What we do know is that in March 1922, Usui Sensei went to meditate on Kurama Yama, a sacred mountain north of Kyoto. He was not looking to discover a method of healing. Rather, he was seeking to experience An-shin-Ritsu-Mei, a type of enlightenment in which one is continually in a state of supernatural peace. When one is in this state, one is then guided to fulfill one's life purpose.

After entering this state, he ran down the mountain to tell others what had happened, and tripped injuring his toe. As he placed his hands on his toe, as most people naturally would, he felt a warm feeling in his toe. The pain disappeared, and when he removed his hands, he saw his toe was completely healed. So, in addition to receiving the gift of An-shin-Ritsu-Mei, he also discovered he had received the ability to heal.

When this happened, he realized that this was his life purpose, to heal others and teach others to be healers.

The next month he opened a Reiki clinic in  Harajuku, Aoyama, Tokyo and stated a healing society called the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai(Usui Reiki Healing Art Society).

He continued to teach and practice Reiki and trained 20 teachers, each having the ability to practice and teach as himself. He passed away March 9,1926 after experiencing a stroke.

Chujiro Hayashi Sensei became a Reiki Teacher at the age of 46 in 1925. He was the youngest and the last to be trained by Usui Sensei. Before passing Usui Sensei asked Hayashi Sensei to open his own clinic and further develop Usui Reiki Ryoho based on the understanding and discipline he received from his medical training. 

The developments Hayashi Sensei created include creating a handbook called Reiki Ryoho Shinshin or Guidelines for the Reiki Healing Method. He also changed the way treatments were given. Usui Sensei treated clients while they were seated in a chair and treated by one practitioner. Hayashi Sensei developed the methods of treating clients while laying on a treatment table and received treatment from several practitioners. He also improved the method of giving attunements.

Hawayo Takata Sensei, Hayashi Sensei's student, received training from Hayashi Sensei in 1936-37 and worked in his clinic to pay for her training. She completed her training in Hawaii 1938 by Hayashi Sensei. She said that the Japanese style was too complicated for the Western mind to learn and therefore developed a simplified system. 

If it were not for Takata Sensei, Reiki would have fallen into obscurity and never been practiced by people all over the world. This is due to the United States requiring Japan to unconditionally surrender after World War II.

 Takata Sensei learned Reiki in Japan and returned to Hawaii and began teaching Reiki before World War II. And in doing so, she prevented Reiki from being lost. She was a great teacher and taught Reiki all over Hawaii and many part s of the United States mainland. She taught 22 Masters who carried on the tradition.

Reiki Master Manual by William Lee Rand

I learned from Elena Calderaro, who was taught by William Lee Rand

I am here and I am looking forward to supporting your ascension and healing with love and compassion

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